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Functional Nano-Materials and Technology Research Office

It is devoted to developing new materials, new processes and new equipment on the basis of nanotechnology, providing technical support for related industries, building a " bridge " between industry and scientific research, and promoting the industrialization and application of nanotechnology and nano-materials.

Research direction

Research on preparation of functional nano-materials including nano-powder materials, nano-film materials and nano-composite materials, as well as the key techniques in the application of the above nano-materials.

Research contents

1. Preparing and dispersing technology of nano-powder materials as well as their application in coating, fiber, plastic and other industries;

2. Preparing technology of nano-composite materials, organic/inorganic hybrid materials and low dimensional nano-materials;


3. Developing of functional products based on nano-materials for application in environmental protection industry, energy saving industry and plastic industry;


4. Testing techniques development and standards drafting on nano-materials and products.

Development status

Technical advantages: we have mastered the core techniques of nano-materials preparing and dispersing through years of systematically study; we have developed inorganic antibacterial nano-materials (silver, zinc and copper series), some of which have been successfully transformed into antibacterial products for sale in market; we have owned the analyzing and testing abilities on the morphology, structure, mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties of nano-materials.

Projects and achievements: up to now, we have undertaken more than 100 projects including national research projects, local government research projects and enterprise service projects. Through these projects, we have applied more than 100 national invention patents, of which more than 40 have been authorized, issued 3 relevant technical standards, and published more than 50 academical articles. We have also developed nearly 20 items of products and brought hundreds of millions of economic benefits to served enterprises.


Hardware:we have many kinds of equipment specializing in preparation of nano-materials, processing for polymer materials, as well as physical, chemical and mechanical properties testing of nano-materials, etc.

Team:we have established a vibrant team for research, study and product development. Several team members have won various talent plan projects. A great number of well-known domestic experts have also been employed as part-time or consultant professors for technical support. Cooperative research laboratories, research centers, industrialization bases have been established with a number of universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises, becoming the main external windows for the Center's achievements transformation and technology application and services.