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Nanobiology and Pharmaceutical Technology Research Office

Dedicated to the application research of nanotechnology in biological medicine, aiming to establish a Nanobiomedical technology application platform that meets clinical and market demands, promote the application of nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry and technological progress, and improve the quality of life and health of people.

Research direction

Biomedical materials, nano diagnosis and treatment technology, genes and stem cells.

esearch contents

1. Biomedical materials: preparation technology of biomaterials (such as bone filling materials, expandable gel, porous scaffolds, soft tissue implants), surface modification and modification technology of biomaterials, preparation and modification technology of quantum dots, and safety evaluation of biomedical materials;

2. Nano diagnosis and treatment technology: nano drug carrier preparation technology, drug carrier targeted modification technology, drug release and controlled release technology; Preparation technology of tissue-specific contrast agent, targeted modification technology of contrast agent, molecular imaging technology based on functional nanomaterials, and safety evaluation of medical materials;

3. Genes and stem cells: Pathogen-specific marker screening technology, stem cell induction differentiation technology, precise genetic engineering immunocell therapy technology.

Development status

In terms of technology: mature experimental biomedical nanomaterials (magnetic materials, drug carrier materials, tissue repair materials, etc.) preparation and characterization technology, nano drug carrier preparation and characterization technology, drug targeted modification technology, biocompatibility and safety evaluation technology of nano biomedical materials.

In terms of scientific research: as the supporting unit of the project, the participating units have undertaken nearly 100 projects, including national major, key, 973, 863 and support plans, national and local natural funds, international cooperation and talent plan projects, and horizontal projects of enterprises and institutions; More than 200 patents have been applied and more than 100 have been authorized; He has published more than 120 papers.

In terms of hardware: it has a laboratory for the preparation of nanomaterial biomedical materials, a laboratory for the characterization of nanomaterials and a laboratory for the evaluation of nanomaterial biosafety, and has established joint laboratories with many hospitals and research institutions across the country.

Team: Through the national and Shanghai science and technology projects and cooperation projects with hospitals, we have established a multi-disciplinary research team with many well-known domestic experts as part-time/consultant professors and the combination of production, teaching, research and medicine. Many people have won various talent plan titles, including new biomedical materials, molecular imaging technology, nanodrug carriers We have accumulated rich experience in drug targeted modification and safety evaluation of materials.