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Lithium-ion battery assembly platform

The Li ion battery full cell assembly platform is a professional platform that was developed and built by a central team autonomously based on slurry characteristics and instrument pairing process. The platform consists of high-precision coater, dispersal, microtome, plastic sealer, liquid injector, stack and so on, and can assemble 18650 type batteries, square batteries and soft pack full cells, which can provide direct technical reserves and support for new materials electric core industrialization and related enterprises, and promote the application of nanomaterials in new energy fields industrially.

Platform characteristics

1. Evaluation of small batch production: battery materials can be used for slurry preparation at kg level, and the mixture material ratio and the optimization adjustment of coating parameters can be adjusted according to practical needs to reduce the waste of materials and save costs;

2. The bridge between Laboratory and industrialization: laboratory miniaturization of highly performing battery materials with advanced whole cell fabrication in small batches followed by electrochemical and safety performance tests provides precise process parameters and experimental data for subsequent batch preparation.

Service area

Battery areas: assembly and evaluation of 18650 cells, square cells, and soft pack cells.