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Professional technical service platform for air pollutant detection and treatment

The air pollutant detection and governance professional technical service platform is the professional service platform developed and built by the central team on the basis of its technical characteristics and advantages in Central Environmental Governance and detection (support program 2007BAJ03b00, 863 program 2012AA062703, 973 program 2013CB933200; DB31T519-2010, etc.) in combination with the national standard (GB / t18801-2015 Appendix A), which has been designed and built autonomously to have high-precision pollutant detection instruments Air purification test chamber, complex operating condition air pollutant simulation occurrence and purification system, etc., the platform has been joined to Shanghai R & D public service platform. Air pollution prevention and control belong to the national strategic new industries, and the platform is oriented by national sustainable development needs to provide professional technical services related to air pollutant detection and governance with "detection analysis R & D advisory industry" integration.

Platform characteristics

Dye detection and Governance: air pollutant real-time / non real time detection and governance technology and equipment professional services; Modeling of air pollution operating condition and the treatment effect on the online monitoring service;

Technical service & Consultancy: characterization of decontamination material structure, physicochemical properties, structure-activity relationship; Pilot scale up production service for decontaminated materials; Compositionally extremely complex qualitative analytical services for low concentrations of hydrocarbons; High concentration air pollutant governance Technology Advisory Service; Air governance technology assessment, outcomes transformation, and mediating services, among others;

Talent training: exchange services for air governance talents and consultation service for related policies.

Service area

Environmental areas: pollutant detection, pollutant governance, technical advice, talent training, etc.