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Nanoenergy Materials and Technology Research Office

Dedicated to the application of nanotechnology in the energy field, aiming to study the preparation and application technology of nanoenergy materials, to provide technical reserves and support for related enterprises, to build a "" bridge "" between industry and scientific research, and to promote the application of nanotechnology in new energy materials and the process of industrialization.

Research direction

Research direction: preparation and application technology of new energy materials, preparation and application technology of electrolyte thin film materials, performance test and evaluation of power battery system and battery pack.

Research contents

1. Materials: preparation of nano-electrode materials, preparation of electrolyte film materials, preparation of ceramic powder, nano-electrode materials for lithium ion batteries, and various new nano-electrode materials;

2. Application technology: application technology of nano-materials in the battery industry, application technology of ceramic powder materials in photoelectric materials and lithium ion battery solid electrolyte, etc;

3. Products: electrode materials such as NCM,LFP, carbon anode, silicon-carbon anode and other series, all kinds of soft pack batteries, and battery-related evaluation equipment;

4. Evaluation: test technology of electrode materials, performance test of soft bag and 18650 full battery, performance test of power battery and battery pack, and test technology, methods and standards of battery products.

Development status

In terms of technology: systematically studied the relationship between the structure of nanomaterials and the electrical properties of main electrode materials, mastered the core technology of nanomaterial preparation and slurry dispersion, and formed characteristics and advantages; The assembly and test platform of the soft bag, 18650 full battery, and the performance test platform of the power battery and battery pack have been built; It has the ability to analyze and detect the morphology, structure, physical and chemical properties and electrochemical properties of nanomaterials.

Scientific research: over the years, it has undertaken more than 80 national, local and enterprise research and development and service projects; More than 90 national invention patents have been applied, of which more than 40 have been authorized; It has brought hundreds of millions of economic benefits to service enterprises, and developed nearly 20 kinds of products with its own technology; has published more than 40 papers in relevant journals and conferences.

In terms of hardware: it has a variety of nanomaterial preparation equipment, battery assembly equipment, power battery test platform equipment, material physical, chemical and electrochemical performance test equipment, etc.

In terms of team: We have hired many well-known domestic experts as part-time/consultant professors, owned a research and development team of production, study and research, established cooperative relations with many universities and scientific research institutes, obtained various talent plan projects for many people, and undertook to complete a number of scientific research fund projects and the application and industrialization of the results.