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Nano Environmental Materials and Technology Research Office

Dedicated to the development of nanotechnology, focused on the preparation and application technology of environmental purification materials, and the integration and equipment development of related technologies, actively push the achievements to industrialization, and promote China's environmental purification field of technological progress and industry rapid and healthy development.

Research direction

Preparation and molding technology of nano-environmental catalysis and adsorption materials, related technology and equipment development of tunnel semi-enclosed space and indoor air pollutant treatment, pollutant simulation and purification material performance evaluation system.

Research contents

1. Purification materials: nanoenvironmental catalysis and adsorption materials, preparation technology of nano-composite adsorption flocculants, application technology of nano-materials in air pollution, water pollution, high-efficiency purification technology of particulate matter, and molding technology of integrated purification materials;

2. Application technology: function modularization and multi-technology integration technology, high wind speed electrostatic dust removal technology, air pollutant treatment technology, industrial and mining wastewater pollutant treatment technology;

3. Purification products: development of semi-enclosed space and indoor purification equipment, development of daily protective products, development of industrial and mining air and water pollutant treatment equipment, and development of integrated photocatalytic reactor and ozone catalytic device;

4. Evaluation technology: testing technology, methods and standards of environmental purification materials and products.

Development status

In terms of technology: systematically studied the relationship between the structure and performance of nanomaterials, mastered the core technology of air pollutant treatment and advanced sewage treatment, and formed characteristics and advantages; It has developed formaldehyde purification materials, particle purification materials, high-efficiency composite adsorption flocculants, and has developed semi-enclosed space air purification equipment, indoor air purification equipment, vehicle-mounted air purifier, and daily masks. A number of equipment have been demonstrated and applied; It has the ability to analyze and test the morphology, structure, mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties of nano materials.

In scientific research, it has undertaken more than 50 national, local and enterprise research and development and service projects over the years; It has applied for more than 200 national invention patents, authorized more than 90 and applied for 1 PCT patent; Promulgate 2 local standards; It has brought hundreds of millions of economic benefits to service enterprises and developed more than 10 products; Won 3 awards;  published more than 20 papers in relevant journals and conferences.

In terms of hardware: it has a variety of professional nano-material preparation and molding equipment, and a large-scale purification material production line with an annual output of 600m3; Air treatment performance evaluation system, water quality detection equipment, material physical and chemical property detection equipment, etc. from micro-reaction to small and medium-sized test.

In terms of team: we have hired many well-known domestic experts as part-time/consultant professors, established a vibrant team of production, study and research, and many people have won various talent plan projects; It has established cooperative research laboratories/research centers/industrialization bases with a number of universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises, and has become one of the main external windows of the center's achievements transformation and technology application services.