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Nano Information and Surface Technology Research Office

It is focused on the application of nanotechnology in the field of electronic information and surface technology, research on the application of practical and novel nanoelectronic information materials, devices, equipment fabrication techniques and film surface technology, establishment of a nanoelectronic information and surface technology application platform that meets the market demand, and promotion of the development of nanotechnology in the field of information materials and surface technology in China.

Research direction

The research and development of practical nano electronic information materials and devices, the development of new micro and nano sensing materials and devices, the development of new thin film materials, new nano material processing equipment, information material surface performance, morphology testing services and related testing technologies.

Research contents

1. Preparation and application of low-dimensional semiconductor nanomaterials;

2. Development of new nano semiconductor (photoelectric, electromagnetic, etc.) materials and devices;

3. Development of new gas sensing materials, devices and test systems;

4. Research and development of new nano film and its preparation technology;

5. Development of processing technology and equipment based on atomic layer deposition technology.

Development status

In terms of technology: systematically studied the relationship between the structure and performance of a variety of low-dimensional nano-semiconductor materials, and mastered the preparation and structure control technology of low-dimensional nano-semiconductor materials; A variety of low-dimensional nano gas sensing materials, photoelectric functional materials, devices, functional film materials and nano film processing equipment have been developed.

In scientific research, it has undertaken more than 40 national, local and enterprise research and development and service projects over the years; More than 100 national invention patents have been applied, of which more than 40 have been authorized; Develop nearly 20 kinds of technical achievements and products; He has published more than 60 papers in relevant journals and conferences.

In terms of hardware: it has advanced preparation and detection means of nano electronic functional materials and devices, and research and development means of gas sensing materials, devices and detection systems; Large size atomic layer deposition system and other new nano film processing and detection means.

In terms of team: We have hired many well-known domestic experts as part-time/consultant professors, established a technical team with rich experience in production, study and research, and many people have won various talent plan titles, and established long-term cooperative relations with many universities and scientific research institutes.